Pricing and Delivery

2018 Wholesale Contractor Pricing on pallets or loose

  • Standard size filter socks (suitable for most erosion control)
    Heavy duty, high visibility, safety green
    16 feet long x 8-9 inches diameter
    $1.50 per foot/$24.00 each
  • Jumbo size filter socks (suitable for concrete clean outs, heavy flow areas, or where specs require it)
    16 feet long x 12 inches diameter
    $2.50 per foot/$40.00 each
  • Bulk filter berm material
    Often times on a job site there is a need for bulk quantities of filter berm material. Ever-Green produces this material in a variety of textures from coarse to fine. The source of the feed stock and the level of processing determine the price.
    We have product priced from $6.00 to $15.00 per cubic yard. Call for quotes

Delivery of Palletized Socks

We offer FREE Cedar Rapids area delivery on 5 pallets of more of 8” or 9” sock. We also offer free delivery on full eight pallet straight truck loads of 8” or 9” sock to Iowa City, Waterloo or a similar distance from Cedar Rapids.
Please call for delivery options on 12" stock.
There is NO pallet charge. However, we will rebate you $8.00 per pallet for each one you return.

Our Mission:
To help protect the waters of Iowa. "Everyone lives downstream."